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pitbull puppies

American Pit Bull Terriers can come across as self-assured and tough with their muscular, stocky builds and powerful jaws. Their impressive heads are large and square in shape, while their chests are strong and well-defined. Despite the initial “too cool for school” aura, just take one look at their soulful brown eyes and cute jowl face and it will become clear they are anything but. These curious, intelligent dogs are always sniffing out a new adventure with their wide nostrils or clowning around at your side to get your attention. Their short, smooth, and low-maintenance coat hugs their bodies and comes in every imaginable color and combination you can think of, other than merle (mottled patches of color).


Your American Pit Bull Terrier would take a bullet for you but would still be a lousy guard dog. That’s because they tend to become BFFs with everyone they meet when they’re properly trained and socialized. Contrary to what you may have heard, this friendly—even goofy—breed brims over with enthusiasm for humans (even strangers), and one of their strongest desires is to please their families.

With one of these pups at your side, you should be prepared for lots of sloppy kisses and a constant shadow following you everywhere you go. You couldn’t ask for a better family companion, and their well-noted love of children is a definite plus. While untrained Pitties can have a tendency to chase after small animals like cats or squirrels, aggression towards humans is uncharacteristic of the breed, and biting is no more prevalent than among any other type of dog. With the right amount of patience and training, your pet can live peacefully with any four-legged sibling at home, once you make the proper introductions.

Thanks to their high intelligence, energy, and stamina, the American Pit Bull Terrier breed makes a great service or therapy dog. They’ve also been used for border patrol, detecting drugs and explosives, and search and rescue functions.

Cavapoo Puppies

It’s a good thing this dog loves people because Cavapoo grooming requires a lot of attention. Let’s start with that luxurious coat.

“Be prepared for continuous grooming, and save accordingly for this important aspect of maintenance,” Singletary says. “Regular grooming can prevent infections of the ears, eyes, and skin, so it shouldn’t be overlooked as an important aspect of your dog’s health.” Frequent brushing—at least three times a week—with a slicker brush and de-matter should be on the schedule for a quality coat, along with professional grooming every six weeks or so. Matting around the tail, hindquarters, and lower belly are particularly common, and some dogs are quite sensitive in these areas, so keep that in mind. 

Do Cavapoos shed?

A little, usually in the spring and fall. Consistent grooming habits help minimize the flood. Many people believe these and other designer hybrids with poodle genes are good choices because they don’t shed as much, which hopefully means fewer allergens and less mess. But reduced Cavapoo shedding isn’t a guarantee against allergic reactions. It really depends on how a person’s immune system responds to the Can f1 protein present in an animal’s dander, saliva, and urine. A veterinarian can test your Cavapoo for this protein level and provide recommendations. 

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